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DEAD, Melbourne, Australia's bass-and-drums dynamic duo of dirge, tunneled through the earth's core to go all Stateside on your ass with some seriously heavy, stripped-to-the-bone, trip-to-the-brain noise rock. Their latest LP Idiots is the real raw deal, a rough-hewn hybrid of sludge and ultra-heavy post-punk with bouts of down-under swagger and experimentation that captures the eyeball-shaking live attack of two blokes with little man syndrome punching way above their weight. Idiots lures you in with a long lost-in-the-funhouse intro only to bludgeon you with blunt-force bass bursts on repeat. What follows is a sour trip through primitive grooves part stripped-down Karp-like hooky sludge rock, part overloaded Pink Flag-era Wire riffs; menacing creepers that conjure lost movements to Bauhaus's “The Three Shadows” left long in the dark to grow old and scary as shit; full-bore rhythm section assaults of jacked-up metal chops; and heavy psychedelic licks and soundscapes. The crystal-clear recording of live takes with few overdubs puts you right in the room with DEAD, albeit likely cowering in the corner by the time the long, slow dirge closes the record. It's okay, you can come out now... just don't be an idiot.

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released August 13, 2013

ELN18 ::: 7-song 12-inch
[ 88 copies ]
: 180g black vinyl
: 1-color screened, die-cut jacket
: 7-color screened double-sized, double-sided insert
: hand-stamped metallic labels

originally released 01 December 2012 by We Empty Rooms
recorded/mixed by Neil Thomason at Headgap Studios
vocals recorded by Max Ducker at Cellar Sessions
mastered by John Golden at Golden Mastering
produced by DEAD
all songs written by DEAD

Jace: bass/vocals
Jem: drums/vocals

slide bass on "The Carcass Is Dry" and "Inherit the Wind" by Tommy Forshaw
vocals on "Murder Hollow" by Linda J Dacio
basses serviced by Jon at Twenty Twelve Guitars


all rights reserved



E O L I A N Portland, Oregon


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Track Name: The Carcass Is Dry
A pretty sound
Wolf packs
Jump ship
Draw swords
Cross streams

Pick from
A bag of bones
The carcass Is dry
A pretty sound
Drawing Flies
Drawing Flies
Drawing Flies

Shuffling feet led deep underground
Never be short of a king or a clown
Hum of the mind scan warming up
Well now you're awake

One for the enemy lying in wait
One for the thieves who take what they take
Centuries later stealing our fate
Now you're awake
Track Name: Couldn't Keep His Mouth Shut
He's alright
He never runs a light
Couldn't catch his breath so
He starts crying

He's alright
He's fucken dynamite
Couldn't catch his breath so
Please stop crying
Track Name: UP!
Shook the cobwebs
From my head
Way back when

See how well you fuck this UP!

Twist and pike
Please the judges
Triple flip
In budgie smugglers

Belly flop like cement
Hit the pokies
And pay ya rent

See how well you fuck this UP!
Track Name: Murder Hollow
With a windy whisper
Flying overhead
Shadows appearing
Couldn't take what was said

Ringing bells and singing
Wherever she went
Kicking the dirt back
To cover her scent

Black claws distended
So the veins pop out
Applies her poison
As he thrashed about

Showing fine expression
As he lay so still
The poor old devil
Took so long to kill

Dogs Bite
Track Name: Bed Bugs
Demons beneath your bed
Only a little kid
They went away?
They never leave

Demons beneath your bed
Only way to beat them is
They eat their own kind
They eat their own

Lie flat and hide your face
Track Name: Inherit the Wind
Paid good money
To see it DEAD

Lash yourself to the mast
Fill these boots with rocks

Was in rags at the time
Took a look through the keyhole
Paid good money
To see it DEAD
But the show's over now folks

Risks are risks
But we try
To hurt no one
Track Name: Lego Men
Freeze them out
Block the way
Eat them
Eat them
Laugh and wheeze

One eye closed
Too sick too
Snakes chase
Snakes chase
Let them be

But I aint
Worth your weight
Not people
Just flesh
Only little lego men
Little lego men

One eye open
Too sick too
Snakes chase
Snakes chase
Let them be

Now you forget it